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Fresh is Best

We are strong believers in feeding your dog the freshest, whole-foods available in your region, and completely eliminating commercial dog foods. This includes avoiding processed foods loaded with preservatives, flavorings, coloring agents and other chemicals. 

Because dogs have a shorter and more acidic digestive system than humans, they need a little support to help aid in digestion. Thus, menu ingredients are selected based on, not only their ability to deliver the required macro and micro nutrients, but whether they are appropriate for the canine diet. As a result, our menu plans utilize fresh, whole-foods while minimally cooking proteins and vegetables to aid in digestion. 

See our list of quality food sources for more information.


Organic or Not?

We highly recommend you purchase organic non-GMO menu ingredients, if your budget will allow. Typically proteins, like Chicken, Beef or Turkey, will be more expensive if you buy the grass-fed, and/or organic options. Additionally, to minimize heavy metal contaminants we recommend you buy small fish, like sardines or wild-caught salmon canned.

Lightly Cooked, Cooked or Raw?

While raw is certainly an available option, we do not follow this thought process in our menu plans. We believe dogs can more successfully digest lightly cooked over raw. With the exception of organ meats, egg whites, meaty bones, fish and oils we lightly steam or gently cook everything else in a pressure or rice cooker.

MBARQ Solutions Supplements Picture

Nutritional Supplements, yes or no?

Living beings are better able to utilize the micro nutrients supplied via natural food sources versus supplementation. Should your dog have medical issues affecting absorption and require supplementation, we will gladly provide a list of products, and where to purchase.

Recipes vs Menu Plans

We specifically do not call our plans “recipes” because that’s not how we approach your dog’s diet. Each ingredient has it’s own preparation needs to maintain maximal nutrients. Additionally, we do recommend all ingredients are cooked and stored separately in your refrigerator or freezer. This way you can adapt your dog’s diet based on how their digestive system is reacting to previous meals.


The information offered by MBARQ Solutions is intended to provide general guidance. Nothing on the web site or our menu plans constitutes veterinary advice. We are not veterinarians. We are nutritional experts who’s menu plans are intended to work alongside traditionary veterinary protocols.