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SAMPLE MENUS Fresh. Simple. Affordable.


Our menu plans are designed to help you transition from dumping commercial dog food in a bowl to providing fresh whole-foods in a manner that fits your lifestyle. Thus our menu plans are extremely detailed, provides tons of tips and are available for immediate download from our website. Should you desire a printed copy, you can either add it on for a small fee. Printed copies are included in our Customized Menu Plans and Premium Program.



Our dog food menu plans are comprehensive packages containing the following parts:

  • Cover
  • Introductory Information
  • Monthly Goals, Costs & Tips
  • Daily Menu Details
MBARQ Solutions Menu Plan Cover
MBARQ Solutions Menu Plan Monthly Summary


All our dog food menu plans include a monthly goals and information page providing critical information regarding the next four weeks of the plan.


Each menu plan includes very detailed information on exactly what food ingredient, volume and what meal (breakfast or dinner), week by week. Also included…

  • Total Calories
  • Cost of Ingredients
  • Shopping Lists
  • Nutritional Balance & Analysis
MBARQ Solutions Menu Plan Week 12


Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to prepare our fresh, whole-food menu plans for your dog. Thus, we offer the following opportunities for you to learn and/or share your expertise with our community.



In order to truly assist you and your dog’s quest to heal with fresh, whole-foods, the Customized Menu Plan is the only plan to offer phone support. You will receive one 30 minute call per every four weeks. During this call we will discuss your dog’s adaptation to the menu plan, and their health conditions.


We will provide a “customer” online portal loaded with information to guide you through the process. Additionally, members of the portal are also free to share tips that have worked for you or answer questions posted by another customer. You will be required to set-up an account and log-in to this portal. You will have unlimited access for the time-frame of the plan you purchase.


We will provide a monthly newsletter specifically for our customers. This newsletter will also answer many of the questions you might have, as well as provide tons of best practices to help you fit feeding your dog into your lifestyle.


Down the road we will also offer Educational Webinars, FB Live and YouTube Video’s to assist you in this process.  Once we build a community, we will offer more face-to-face opportunities to learn and share ideas with others via Coffee Hours, Podcasts, Grocery Tours, Cooking Classes and more.  (Not all items are available for all menu plans.)

The information offered by MBARQ Solutions is intended to provide general guidance. Nothing on the web site or our menu plans constitutes veterinary advice. We are not veterinarians. We are nutritional experts who’s menu plans are intended to work alongside traditionary veterinary protocols.